In a perfect world, all homes would be in perfect condition, move in ready, and exactly what you want.  Unfortunately, this isn’t how the world turns.

Depending on the situation, there are all sorts of reasons why homes end up in a variety of conditions.  Owner neglect, an illness, amateur renovations, amazing renovations, love of decorating, poor tenant choice and a host of other things can lead to a host of different conditions in homes for sale.

One of the toughest, is if someone passes away without a will.  It can take a long time for an estate to be sorted out, and over that time, a lot can happen to a property.  And most times, not for the better.  As a real estate professional, one of our jobs is to assist people purchasing and selling homes.  Another hat that we wear, is a problem solver.  When situations like this arise, we have to figure out the best way to protect our seller, while giving potential buyers access and opportunity to inspect the property.  Having the contents removed, getting the structure assessed, and having temporary insurance coverage are a few of the things needed to do this.  Of course there are all sorts of issues that can arise in a condemned home, and it is our job to best advise our client in any situation.

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